Fullerton Hotel will be one of the best choices when you have a vacation in Singapore. There are so many things to do after you go to many fun places in Singapore. The location of this hotel is so strategic. Not only that, there are so many facilities that will make you feel more comfortable.

Things to Do in Fullerton Hotel

After going to Merlion Park or any other fun place in this country, you will feel so tired. When you go to the hotel, you will expect to have a good rest. So, you can go to the spa center in Fullerton Hotel that will bring some joy and relaxation.

Not only a spa, but you can also go to a sauna center that will make your body feel better. When you are tired, maybe you can not have a good sleep. But, after the spa or sauna, your body will be fresher and you will have a better sleep.

If you still have some energy and want to have some sports, you can go to the fitness center. Some people will have a good sleep if they do some exercises well. So, you can take some light sports there and make your body more relax there.

The swimming pool is also available here. You can swim in a large pool that has a warm atmosphere. The environment is calm and the air is fresh. Singapore is very famous for its fresh air. You can swim with good vibes that make your holiday more enjoyable. If you swim in the afternoon, you can also take a rest in a place near the pool. Sitting there and eat or drink cold food and beverages will be a great idea.

Do you know that Fullerton Hotel also has a steam room for the guest? If you don’t know it yet, you can try it to make your day more enjoyable. Not only the fitness center, outdoor pool, sauna, and spa center, it also has a steam room. You can also try some services from massage crew that will make your body more relaxed.

Public Facilities in Fullerton Hotel

There are many public facilities at this hotel that will make you very satisfied. The hotel has a large parking area. If you bring a private car for a vacation with your family, you can park near the building. This place also has an elevator that will make you not tired when you need to make many mobilizations.

Do you like to eat many different recipes on a holiday? If you do, then go to the restaurant that has so many different cuisine and beverages. Some Singapore hotel deals will make you get the best prices.

So, the conclusion is Fullerton Hotel can give you many things to do and also public facilities. There are so many private facilities also in each room. You will have good memories there when staying at this marvelous resort. Just have your reservation now.