Exciting Things in Marina Bay Sands during Staycation Singapore

Exciting Things in Marina Bay Sands during Staycation Singapore

Exciting Things in Marina Bay Sands during Staycation Singapore 


Marina Bay Sands hotel is ready to deliver total excitement to guests’ senses.  Staycation Singapore has never been so great with all the fascinating facilities that pamper all senses.  This hotel is more than just a series of luxurious rooms and suites. What’s more, its overall facilities are the best entertainment sources for everyone of all ages.

Marina Bay Sands and the Endless Exotic Experiences

Having a staycation Singapore here will not let anyone’s down.  The best thing to start is experiencing the best entertainment series in this marvelous place. Water show with high-technology laser light with musical shows from worldwide artists is the first and foremost thing to visit.

Guests can soothe their eyes and ears with the lovely music while admiring the sparkling laser that shows a vibrant look of the water fountain. Music lovers can also check regular events at Sand Theater where there are endless live concerts.

Another choice of entertainment spot is La Clique. Circus lovers won’t want to miss any show here, from comedy, cabaret, circus shows, and live music. For more than a decade, this place entertains everyone with various prominent artists and orchestras.

Need the more amazing experience? Try Sampan Rides. While taking a boat is common among Southeast Asian people, Sampan Rides here is more than just outstanding. You can have a leisure ride at the exotic boat with elaborate details through the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands Canal. Witness the amazing Rain Oculus from the very gigantic acrylic bowl. The amazing sight comes from the released water cascade from the two floors above the canal.

Enjoy the Beauty of Marina Bay Sands at Night

Need another alternative to pamper your senses? You don’t need to leave the hotel. Instead, spend time at the Skypark Observation Deck. Everything that you see will take your breath away. Here, there is the world-famous rooftop pool that becomes the biggest one in the world.

Skyline of Singapore at night, as well as the magnificent Singapore river, are what every guest adores from spending an hour or two at the Skypark Observation Deck. It also hosts bistros with delectable menus worldwide with very friendly staff.

For the more lovely experiences at night at Marina Bay Sands, have a moment to enjoy the Digital Light Canvas, where you can enjoy digital light technology, showing various kinds of exotic artworks.

You can even paint calligraphic art with your feet! You will produce brushstrokes from your steps with colorful performances. Visit this place during the weekend, like Saturday nights. Yet, Friday nights are also recommended. If you want to avoid crowds, visiting this place during weekdays is also recommended.

So, have you decided on your next staycation Singapore program? It is not surprising if you choose Marina Bay Sands. Though you have read lots of reviews from impressed guests, you will be curious to visit this place yourself.  There are endless pleasure moments that you can enjoy with family members or couples. Make a reservation now and get the best offers for members that will save your savings.