Your Child to Kids Music Classes

What is the right age to send my child to kids music classes? This is a frequently asked question by parents when their child is just months old. Some believe that musical education should begin right since birth while others think they should not burden their child with extracurricular activities. So what is the right age?

The advantages of early musical education for children are well known. Music magically stimulates both sides of the brain in children and adults alike. It has been scientifically proven that music education for children helps them become brighter, smarter and more sociable. Your child doesn’t necessarily have to become a great musician to avail of these benefits; just attending kids music classes is enough.

My answer to the question of when to send him to music school or classes is: send him when he himself asks to be sent.

By kids music classes I don’t mean the hundreds of preschool programs for babies. I mean those classes that have high standards of formal musical education.

For your child to be able to develop and display his musical talents, you should know how to create a musical environment that is conducive to music learning. If you are not aware of how to do it, it is high time you visited a music school and talk with the specialists. These creative folks have tons of useful learning material to share.

Having said that, you should understand that although sending your child to kids music classes twice or thrice a week is good, it is not enough. Why? Suppose your newborn listens to human speech twice or thrice a week for 25-30 minutes, do you think it is enough for him to start talking? It is the same with musical learning! In addition to the lessons, your child must listen to music every day and parents must help him increase his database of sound impressions. Help your child’s musical talent blossom by caring for him and providing for all his needs.

But if your child is not yet ready to attend kids music classes, don’t force him. Let him ask on his own. And when he does, act fast! Give him what he needs and encourage him.

What is the age at which children normally become attracted to musical instruments and wish to learn how to play them? It is difficult to answer, because any child’s interest for music depends on the environment you (parents) create for him. It ultimately comes down to how you raise him. But one thing is for sure: greater your child’s musical abilities (which depend only on you!), higher is his quality of life including his results at public school.

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