Best Selling Albums of All Time

Music is soothing to our ears and to our souls alike. Music for many is their entire life. Such magicians, often called musicians, give their best to enhance the feeling of music and peace in the life of all their listeners. All of us have that one particular song which has our heart attached to it. However, there are so many millions of wonderful songs and even more wonderful musicians who create these for the listeners. It is hard to list out the best among a sea of jewels, but still, a small effort is made in this article to list out the best selling albums of all times:

1. Thriller – Michael Jackson (1982)

With its sales almost crossing 33 millions, the king of pop certainly deserves to hold that top spot in the list of the best selling albums of all times.

2. Eagles – Greatest Hits (1971 – 75)

The famous songs of the Eagles were always topping the FM radio charts throughout the 70s.

3. Hotel California (1976)

Once again, the Eagles had struck and this time it was big. Hotel California is one of the world class hits with being favorite to the kids in this generation as well.

4. Led Zeppelin (1971)

Known to be the greatest hard-rock album of its time, it was for sure more than just hard rock! It was pure magic.

5. Whitney Houston (1992)

The timeless diva dominated, the year in 1992 with the greatest of her contributions to the music industry for which, she was rightly awarded the Grammy award for that year.

6. AC/DC – Back in Black (1980)

Made as a mourning tribute to their band mate, this album struck the chords of millions across the world.

7. Adele – 21 (2011)

The lady with the golden, raspy, and stunning voice had given a spotless hit in the year 2011, which lingers around her music fans always.

8. Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon (1973)

This album seems to have created its own small world of fans and has a great space in their hearts. After this, Floyd has been credited with many more legend albums to his extensive list.

9. The Beatles (2000)

As famous as one could be, the Beatles stole the heart of every music fan with the magic they brought out with each of their albums. However, the compilation of their whole work, which came out in the year was a phenomenal hit among their fans across the world and had topped the charts of at least more than 35 countries around the world.

10. Bob Marley – Legend (1984)

He was and is a hero to all those who wish to live in a completely free and liberated world. But this album was surely purchased by every fan barring ages and stages across the globe! Even though we tried to enlist the jewels, there is still a sea of music albums out there waiting to relish your soul!

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